Kanu Kogod PhD

Kanu Kogod, Ph.D

KanuTrained as an anthropologist, organizational development consultant and master certified coach with work experience in India, Kenya, Rwanda and Peru. Prior to starting her own consulting firm in 1987, Kanu had a variety of early career experiences as a manager of a health care clinic, an academic program and a retail store. Kanu co-designed and facilitates Leadership Alchemy, an award-winning ten-month transformational

leadership development program at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center since 2001. Leadership Alchemy has won awards and received vast acclaim for helping to create a shift in NASA’s culture and leadership practices.

Kanu has coached and developed leaders in business, health care, government and non-profit sectors representing organizations such as CapitolOne, NASA, National Park Service, American Red Cross and Lockheed Martin. Other organizational clients include Mitre Corporation, Freddie Mac, the Red Cross and the National Institutes of Health. Kanu has also coached and facilitated women’s leadership development programs internationally with women leaders in Rwanda and Kenya to help them get elected to political office. She was also a facilitator at the WomenÕs Global Conference in Dublin,Ireland in 1992. Kanu was a founder and Board Member of Youth Leadership of Greater Washington and from 1992-2007 she was a primary facilitator for young aspiring leaders.

Develop leaders using a holistic approach; language, body and emotions. That means helping them design conversations, build leadership presence and raise their emotional intelligence so that they can achieve the outcomes they desire in their organizations, communities or in a larger political arena. Building and enhancing the collaborative efforts of diverse groups and communities so that they can effectively grapple with the challenges of working in environments of uncertainty in a multicultural world pervaded by change. Addressing the concerns of managers and providing them with tools to deal with everything from cultural collisions to culture change in order to successfully impact their performance and job satisfaction as well as the performance and satisfaction of the people they lead.

At NASA meeting with Gail Sheehy, author of Passages and an inspiration to all women who dare!

At NASA meeting with Gail Sheehy, author of Passages and an inspiration to all women who dare!

In 2009, established the Leadership Sanctuary, an opportunity for executive directors of non-profit agencies to come together once a month for six months to reflect on current challenges of our time-its pain and possibilities- as well to devote time to personal and professional enrichment in order to replenish energy and creativity. Coaching international executives with the IFC-World Bank to: Gain clarity about challenging issues, people, and events. Go beyond the limits of old thinking and habits by adding new leadership moves. Mobilize energy needed for change.