Help your clients gain greater insights about who they are and what they want!

Find tools for inspiring groups to foster safety, respect and connection! 

Two fantastic tools created by Yaron Golan & Efrat Shani of Points of You™  and one train-the-trainers guide created by Kanu Kogod, PhD, MCC of Bridges in Organizations, Inc. In these games, there is no winning or losing- just an extraordinary way to create openness in communication.  Use these tools whenever we find ourselves wanting to gain greater clarity into ourselves, others and the challenges we face.  By “playing” the games, we can explore significant issues in our lives from different perspectives in order to achieve greater and then decide what actions we want to take.

The main objectives of the tools are to:

  • Release old patterns and mindsets by introducing thoughtful new approaches to challenges
  • Generate more meaningful communication between people
  • Expand perspectives to see the same situations with “new eyes”
  • Reflect on new questions that might alter the path forward

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[fruitful_ibox column=” ffs-four-one” title=”The Game Changers Guide to Complete Facilitation” image=”” link=””][/fruitful_ibox] [fruitful_ibox column=” ffs-four-one” title=”Games & Revelations in Coaching” image=””   last=”true”][/fruitful_ibox]