About Us

Why We Do What We Do: Our Mission

Leadership strategy means, we want to open new possibilities for your business success through a focus on the “people side” – individuals, teams, leaders – and the culture they create.


Bridges in Organizations, Inc. provides customized leadership development programs, organizational culture change initiatives and instructional design for federal, state and local governmental systems. Bridges is the primary designer and implementer of NASA’s award winning Leadership Alchemy program, a 10-month transformational leadership development program consisting of 28 workshop days, individual and group coaching, mentoring, learning teams and learning reports, ongoing practices (e.g., centering techniques) and contributions back to the organization in the form of action learning projects. See www.leadershipalchemy.com.

Our Mission

We partner with you to help you discover the critical success factors that create your preferred workplace!

Who We Are

Since 1987, we have worked with clients to align their leaders and culture, so that their business vision can happen naturally – and success can be sustainable for the long-term.   We have a recognized track record of bringing practical, customized interventions to a variety of enterprises – large and small – including business, government, and industry.

Bridges has a “deep bench” of expertise to draw from for each initiative.  We are a multi-cultural team of experienced professionals with a range of skills in organizational and leadership development, culture change, executive coaching, instructional design, and more.

What We Offer

Our talent is in developing “leader readiness” and fostering productive organizational cultures.   We bring strategies geared to your circumstances, environment, and vision that will ensure sustainable, visible results.   Our specialty areas are:

Leadership Development

Our customized leadership development programs, such as NASA’s award-winning Leadership Alchemy Program, are “whole person” approaches to leadership which take into account how leaders show up in language, body and emotions.  We help leaders set the direction, establish the mood, cultivate the desired culture and build and sustain cohesive teams.  Our approach builds on action learning, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, somatic presence and reading/reflection. Each leader establishes a vision that promotes personal growth and makes a powerful contribution to the organization.

Organizational Culture Change

We provide customized approaches to organizational development built on the needs and aims of the organization. For the National Institute on Aging, we provided individual and group assessments, strategic planning, executive coaching, skill-building sessions, a leadership development program for mid-level managers and facilitation of difficult conversations. For the Maryland Park and Planning Commission, we provided strategic planning, executive development, large search conferences, and an ongoing mentoring program.  We partner with our clients to make certain that each intervention realizes the promised outcomes.

Executive Coaching

Because of our strong business background, our clients utilize executive coaching to help them see greater possibilities, make better decisions, take more effective action and reflect on their barriers as well as their strengths to achieving the desired results. We provide tools and practices that help leaders implement the processes they need to be successful.

Program and Curriculum Design

We design customized training and development programs for 1) honoring diversity and inclusiveness, 2) leadership development, and 3) coaching and communication skills. We provided the national curriculum on “total diversity” for the American Red Cross and we provided the leadership design for mid-management development for the Mitre Corporation.  We created a train-the-trainer program for managing diversity for the New York State Education Department and we designed the workshops and integrated approach in NASA’s Leadership Alchemy.  We have close to 20 years of design and development work.

  1. The Language of Leadership
  2. Appreciative Inquiry
  3. Creating The Culture We Desire
  4. Language, Communication, and Social Networks of Communication
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. The Power of Change:  From Transition to Transformation
  7. Ontological Coaching – Individual and Team
  8. Workflow Management for Stress-Free Productivity

How We Offer It

What makes the difference between a short-term fix and sustainable results is not just in what we offer – but how we offer it.    Leadership Alchemy™ – which has been offered at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for five years – is a perfect example of our approach.  Through Leadership Alchemy™ participants explore a broader range of “leadership moves” that become second nature by reinforcing learning at the intellectual, emotional, and physical levels.   In addition, in this development program, we offer focused educational components over time to allow space for real-world practice and deeper integration for lasting change.   This development program works with work – not against it.   Learning doesn’t stay abstract – it’s put into practice in real-time.

Another difference-making feature is that we recognize one size doesn’t fit all.   Each business has a unique set of circumstances, challenges, and opportunities.   We work with you to focus on the right mix of interventions – from simple to more complex – that will meet your needs and advance your vision.

Strategies and skills to prepare your organization for the challenges of the 21st century!