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Our highly-skilled coaches develop your top talent to lead culture
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  If your company is in turmoil or states of change, where the competitive market is changing and market share is growing or shrinking, most likely it is your business culture and work processes that need integrating. Your leadership needs the kind of support we offer.  Call on Bridges!

IMG_0659Bridges President & Founder, Kanu Kogod along with all Bridges coaches share a common vision- to partner with our clients to help you create your preferred workplace.  What sets us apart from other coaching organizations is our common holistic approach.  We focus on the language of leadership, emotional intelligence and somatic presence – language, body and emotions. Bridges Associates have expertise and experience consulting to government, private sector, and academia. Many of our consultants have worked in the industries of their clients and bring a wealth of practical experience and educational backgrounds. Together, we have over 300 years of managerial experience that enables us to integrate the organizational culture change processes with a practical approach when partnering with our clients.

I continue to marvel at your ability to design meaningful learning opportunities that challenge the participants to be more powerful leaders than they though possible. Feedback indicates that the whole-person and fully integrated learning the
approach is critical to the program’s success.

Gail S. Williams – NASA Leadership Alchemy Program Manager

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[fruitful_tab title=”Scott Brumburgh, MCC”]Scott PictureScott coaches leaders in practices that enable them to successfully run their management system rather than their system running them.  Results range from breaking the long cycle of overwhelm in how work is undertaken, to rapidly gaining strong staff alignment and accountability to a new business strategy.  In the process they deepen their leadership presence, giving them greater sway in effectively addressing the myriad stressful situations that can demoralize them and their workforce.

The individual and team coaching methods he applies derive from knowledge and experience spanning over 30 years in business, public service and independent consulting.  Scott’s consulting career includes engagements with manufacturing and service companies, non-profits, government agencies and international organizations. He has worked in 37 countries and on five continents.  His experience is drawn extensively from his leadership, teamwork and innovation training from the Institute for Generative Leadership, the Newfield Network, the Mid-Atlantic Association for Training & Consulting, as well as numerous mentors in our field. [/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Sandra Crowe MA,PCC “] SandraSandra Crowe is a speaker, author, and seminar leader with over 26 years of experience in the communication field. A certified ontological coach with a Masters in applied psychology she speaks on topics such as dealing with conflict, coaching for results, teams that work, stress less management, and body listening.

She consults in fortune 500 companies such as Marriott, Citicorp,and Sony in addition to government and association based organizations such as The White House, NASA, and the National Association of Female Executives. She has been written about in The Washington Post, New York Times and had her own TV show Stressbusters which aired on a Washington, D.C. Station. She has a feature story in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work and writes articles for trade journals and magazines. Her mission is to create awareness of ineffective interpersonal relationships and redirect behavior toward more uplifting interactions.

Sandra is the author of two best-selling books, “Since Strangling isn’t an Option: How to deal with Difficult People” and her second book, “I Didn’t Sign Up for This: How to Deal with Difficult Situations.” [/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Jeri Darling, MA, MBA, PCC”]JeriJeri supports leaders to optimize their capacity to lead effectively in a complex environment, inspire and support others, and perform at their highest level. She is committed to helping leaders and teams go beyond their past successes to create the future they envision. She starts with clients where they are and takes a pragmatic approach to building the skills and practices needed to achieve breakthrough results.

She has been a trusted advisor to leaders globally and in a variety of industries. As a seasoned executive herself she has more than 25 years of experience working with diverse organizations in the areas of strategy, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. She is an adjunct faculty member with American University and is certified in the use of a number of leadership profiles and assessments. Jeri has a MA from George Washington University, a MBA from Case Western Reserve University, and a BA in International Relations from the University of Wisconsin. She attended the Georgetown Leadership Coaching program and holds the Professional Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation.[/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Antonio Estrada, MBA, CPCC”] Antonio EstradaAntonio helps leaders turn complex situations and relationships (whether with peers, direct supervisor or direct reports) into partnerships for performance. He focuses on developing a safe and courageous environment for leaders, where they can expand their creativity and find better ways to manage their challenges while still honoring their leadership style and values. In the process, leaders gain awareness of their successes and start leveraging on them.

Antonio is an Executive & Leadership Coach and Consultant, certified as a coach with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). He holds a MBA in Finance as well as a BSc in Mechanical Engineer. In his coaching and consulting engagements, Antonio leverages his 25+year career in international business management and finance where he had extensive experience as people manager. He has worked with leaders in many industries, including multi-lateral and private financial institutions as well as top leaders in the fields of energy, transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, advertising, agribusiness and engineering, among others. Antonio’s areas of proficiency include management performance and supervision, strategic thinking, team building and performance, dealing with difficult conversations, public speaking and improving leadership presence. Antonio has worked with leaders throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Antonio speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese and is comfortable coaching in any of these languages.[/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Catherine Fitzgerald, PhD”] Catherine-Fitzgerald 2Catherine specializes in working with very smart, successful leaders who want to put leading-edge ideas and approaches into practice to accomplish challenging goals.  She also specializes in helping leaders take on and succeed in leadership roles of greatly increased scope and scale.  It’s a rule of thumb in the executive development field that the behaviors and approaches that enabled a leader to get to one leadership level in the organization can become “derailers” at a higher level of the organization.  Catherine can help you to re-think your approach to leading, in order to meet the demands of a higher-level role.

She can help you assess your leadership strengths and your areas for development and support you in experimenting with new ways for developing strategic goals and for creating a significantly more engaged organization.  She can aid you to develop a plan for creating and maintaining the stakeholder relationships critical to leadership success.  Catherine can be a sounding board for constructively navigating organizational politics and for analyzing and dealing with setbacks and also help enhance your thought leadership within your organization and your industry.  And, if you are at a turning point in your career, Catherine can support you in building on past experience and exploring alternative future career paths. [/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Maureen Kearney, PhD”] Maureen Picture Maureen has over 25 years of experience in coaching and has found that major challenges faced by talented professionals at all levels revolve around relationships. These can be about improving relationships with others (upper management, direct reports, and peers) or strengthening the relationship with oneself (time management, career decision-making, work/life balance).

Because Maureen is a licensed psychologist specializing in interpersonal relationships, she is in a unique position to help you develop your toolkit in areas such as dealing with difficult people and how to maximize positive relationships to advance your agenda.

As a leadership coach, Maureen has also guided leaders on ways to motivate others to deliver optimal performance and methods to navigate challenging transitions. She is your Thought Partner in the brainstorming process. Her experience includes working with international financial institutions (the World Bank, IFC, and IADB) as well as private-sector corporations and government agencies.

Take charge of your future and learn ways to leverage your strengths as well as tackle the challenges.


[fruitful_tab title=”Winnie Lanoix, EdD”] Winnie PIctureWinnie Lanoix is a certified executive and leadership coach, with areas of expertise in executive presence, organizational dynamics, global leadership, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, communication, onboarding, team alignment, and influencing skills.

With over 25 years of coaching experience, Winnie is known for creating positive behavioral changes. As a trained counseling psychologist with a background in organizational dynamics and a profit and loss business experience, she has the benefit of understanding the individual and the interplay between emotional intelligence and success in the business environment. By building on positive attributes, Winnie has been able to reduce the time needed to create sustainable changes. Winnie’s style is practical and focused.

Winnie holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, (Ed.D) from Rutgers University, a B.A. magna cum laude, from Tufts University, and M.A. and M.Ed. degrees in Organizational Behavior from Columbia University. She has completed coach training with New Ventures West and Gestalt Institute, and is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Winnie grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and has extensive coaching practice with people from diverse cultures. [/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Lloyd Raines”] LloydLloyd is a seasoned executive coach (Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation), consultant, educator, and Principal of Integral Focus, with over 25 years of professional experience. He applies insights from the behavioral sciences, action learning, moral considerations, and integral development to help clients expand their individual and organizational awareness, capability, adaptability, and performance within a rapidly changing world. He supports leadership growth in self-awareness, attentiveness, and impact through dialogue, relationship-building, experiential learning, and collaboratively-designed practices that explore the breadth and depth of a leader’s stewardship opportunities.

Lloyd is a member of the International Coach Federation, International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations, and The Mankind Project. He is certified in Leadership Agility (stage development), The Leadership Circle, Hogan’s suite of assessments, Center for Creative Leadership suite of assessments, Cultural Transformation Tools, PeopleScan (Spiral Dynamics), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DISC, Firo-B, and Syntax Communication Modeling (NLP).

He is an uncertified pragmatic optimist who enjoys the great outdoors, writing, café conversations, his two artistic daughters (and their partners), international travel, and an enriched life with his wife. Lloyd was spiritually mentored for 18 years by his chocolate Lab and still sees her everywhere. He earned an MS in the Administration of Justice at American University and a BA in Psychology at the University of Maryland (Baltimore County). [/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Sheila Utts”] sheilaSheila Utts assists leaders to enlarge their sphere of influence through building sheilapowerful relationships which, in turn, helps them motivate their direct reports. With an MS in Organizational Development from American University and post-graduate certification in the field of executive coaching, Sheila is committed to building partnerships with people to help them attain leadership and team goals.

Having spent eleven years in the healthcare industry, Sheila has served in a variety of capacities. She assisted internal healthcare professionals facilitate change management with their external clients, particularly leading the effort to train field staff in more effectively consulting with their customers as well as teaching managers coaching skills. Sheila’s mission is to help individual clients take powerful actions to fulfill life goals by helping them gain greater self-confidence and a sense of how their emotions and physiology affect their actions. [/fruitful_tab]

[fruitful_tab title=”Marla Zipin, PhD, PCC”] Marla ZipinMarla engages you in a dynamic learning process, empowering you to achieve your most important goals and sustain fulfillment in your work and life. She specializes in helping you navigate the complexity of your workplace to maximize your effectiveness and build working alliances throughout the organization.You will gain skills to influence and lead, manage up, increase engagement with peers, and improve productivity and motivation of subordinates.

As a coach for over 20 years, Marla’s knowledge and expertise in behavioral sciences, positive psychology, and human systems provides her with a robust tool box to design a coaching program tailored to your needs. She is dedicated to assisting you in dealing with challenging people and situations, enhancing your leadership skills and presence, and cultivating your creativity and resilience.  [/fruitful_tab]