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Help your clients gain greater insights about who they are and what they want!


Find tools for inspiring groups to foster safety, respect and connection! 

Two fantastic tools created by Yaron Golan & Efrat Shani of Points of You™  and one train-the-trainers guide created by Kanu Kogod, PhD, MCC of Bridges in Organizations, Inc. In these games, there is no winning or losing- just an extraordinary way to create openness in communication.  Use these tools whenever we find ourselves wanting to gain greater clarity into ourselves, others and the challenges we face.  By “playing” the games, we can explore significant issues in our lives from different perspectives in order to achieve greater and then decide what actions we want to take.

The main objectives of the tools are to:

  • Release old patterns and mindsets by introducing thoughtful new approaches to challenges
  • Generate more meaningful communication between people
  • Expand perspectives to see the same situations with “new eyes”
  • Reflect on new questions that might alter the path forward

  • Punctum
  • The Coaching Game
  • The Game Changers Guide to Complete Facilitation
  • Games and Revelations in Coaching
Punctum 1Punctum is based on associative connections between stunning photos, intriguing themes and meaningful questions to create genuine learning and development.  The kit is a deck of 33 unique cards displaying images taken by photographers from around the world, 33 theme cards, each presenting a one-word life theme, 33 question cards to generate and expand perspectives in a denim case, soft yet durable, made of recycled, biodegradable and environmentally friendly fabric.


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 Coaching Game 1The Coaching Game is used by individuals, professionals and organizations internationally who are looking for a “workshop in a box.” It introduces 65 life-topics we all encounter during life, from different points of view – visual and textual.   Each life-topic is represented by a number of amazing photos, a story, a few quotes, questions and thoughts. The Coaching Game includes a book, a process layout chart, and a notepad of coaching prompts for action after the game. All this is packaged in a soft, durable easy to carry case. The creators chose contradicting ways of seeing so as to confuse automatic points of view in order to enable new associations and thoughts to form.


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This guide includes  an introduction to the Coaching Game and Punctum and how to “read” images. In additional you will get the 7 game changer exercises listed below.

  • Game Changer One: Meet the Cards and the Players: Whole group: To become familiar with the two decks of cards, Punctum and The Coaching Game. To initiate participation from the beginning and help trainers warm up to the day.
  • Game Changer Two: Experiential Encounter: One on One exploration: To provide a unique opportunity to meet one’s self in new and different ways, and to meet and communicate with the people around them from different points of view in an environment of trust and intimacy.
  • Game Changer Three: Seen, Understood and Respected: Bringing a New Team or Group Together: To engage everyone simultaneously in generating “seen, understood and respected” conversations in order to surface concerns and build trust in a new team or group.
  • Game Changer Four: Card Storming: Surfacing the concerns of a group: To spark innovation and creativity in planning and goal setting that allows the group to vent all concerns without judgment or censor.
  • Game Changer Five: Shining a Light on Wicked Problems in Organizations: Taking time to go deeper into what holds wicked problems in place (e.g., managing diversity or performance appraisals). To practice generative thinking in order to address “wicked problems” that seemingly don’t quite ever get solved in one’s organization (or family) in spite of receiving lots of attention.
  • Game Changer Six: Wish and Welcome Wisdom Circle: Practicing coaching in a “speed dating” format. To provide “speed dating” opportunities for participants to be coached by their fellow participants. To teach people to move more powerfully into “question thinking” or an inquiry stance.  This circle is a creative approach for training supervisors to become better at coaching or for sharpening the skills of practicing coaches and counselors to become more efficient and effective at coaching.
  • Game Changer Seven: Whole and Wholehearted at Work: Asking 12 Essential Questions to Increase Love (Engagement) of Work. To reflect on the questions that will actually create a new future through exploration, insight and clarity when it comes to finding meaning in work and at work.


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CoachingGames and Revelations in Coaching: A Train-the-Trainers Workshop on how to be a Game Changer for organizations. This 2- day workshop builds internal capacity for organizations by using your internal HR professionals, workshop facilitators, thought leaders, therapists and coaches- anyone working with people aiming to achieve greater collaboration, alignment and culture change. The 65 Life Topics touch us all.

Each participant will experience 7 different creative and inspiring game changing demonstrations of how to use the award winning Points of You™ cards in different settings with clients. You will receive both the Coaching Game and Punctum, a train the trainer toolkit, practice using the tools and best of all, the ability to leave the workshop with everything you need to run your own fabulous experiences using the Points of You™ cards!

Take advantage of this international phenomenon, Games and Revelations in Coaching, by contacting for more information.