Leadership, Mindfulness and Inclusion

Welcome to Bridges in Organizations, a recognized authority in developing leaders and creating thriving workplace cultures.

We facilitate how people work and how people work together!  Therefore, we support high-level professionals and their teams to communicate, collaborate and contribute in a way that builds positive workplace dynamics.

Most importantly, our approaches lead to significant results. Besides greater engagement and higher productivity you can expect more satisfied performers.

Consequently, to achieve our mission we are a collective of coaches and consultants lead by Dr. Kanu Kogod, founder and President of Bridges in Organizations, Inc.

Come inside and see what we have to offer you!

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Our mission is to develop, empower and uplift a new generation of aspiring leaders and to help them invest their knowledge into wise actions.

Therefore we believe that leadership is a collaborative process, best developed from the inside out.

Because of this bridge building process, we foster the development of future wisdom leaders by offering groundbreaking leadership programs focused on:

  • Transformational Leadership Development
  • Global Women’s Empowerment
  • Organizational Culture Change
  • Youth Leadership
  • Executive Coaching


Consequently, we are focusing on a “Whole Person” leadership and adult development. This takes into account how leaders show up in language, body and emotions.

Because the three elements of leadership, mindfulness, and inclusion are so important we invite you to take our proven content and shape it to meet your needs now.


Bridge builders are often called champions for change. Because of their efforts, these leaders learn the skills necessary to be the most effective and influential leaders.  As a result of this learning process they can deal with critical challenges. In particular, racism, ageism, sexism and homophobia can cost companies vast sums of time and money to resolve.

Therefore, we encourage you to build your internal capacity in order to deal with the complex challenges of the work world today.


Coaching is a personal, intimate business and no two engagements are the same. Notably, our clients are concerned with their place in the larger system and ways they can positively affect the culture in order to make a greater contribution. Because of these important goals, we coach leaders and their diverse teams to be more creative, connected and collaborative.

Hence, find the right coach to meet your needs now! Contact us at info@bridges-in-orgs.com.